The mandatory internship of the Bachelor’s programme in Industrial Mathematics should be completed in the 6th semester in a company or a research institute; it has a duration of 20 to 26 weeks.


In the German series of articles with the headline “Having studied maths - and then?” by the German Mathematical Society (Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung), graduates look back on their internships:

  • “I’d encourage anybody to do internships or to get a job as a student employee (Werkstudent) already during studies. [...] Direct contact with the company’s employees can also help in the search for an internship or a job. Such contacts can be made, for example, through mentoring programmes or at company contact fairs.” (Mitteilungen 20-4 (2012))
  • “I’d highly recommend to be an active student employee (Werkstudent). Anyway, that was the key for me. You have the chance to try something out, you can start somewhere, and even if you don’t like it any more after half a year, nobody blames you. After that, you’re definitively smarter.” (Mitteilungen 24-3 (2016))

Training objectives

  • Working independently
  • Development of problem-solving competences in the processing of tasks related to mathematics and/or computer science in a technical environment such as engineering, natural sciences or information processing.
  • Extension and deepening of knowledge and methods in the field of mathematics, engineering, logistics or computer science
  • Insight into the technical, organisational structures as well as personnel and social structure of the company

Training contents

Collaboration on projects that ideally deal with questions from natural science or technology with the aid of mathematical methods, such as modelling and simulation of technical systems. These can also be projects in which mathematical methods such as statistical evaluation and optimization play a role.
There may also be tasks for which the logical-analytical and abstract way of thinking of a mathematician is particularly advantageous, such as the modelling of information and software development.

Internship seminar

The internship seminar will take place in the form of a block seminar at the end of the internship semester. A seminar can be offered to accompany it.
The subject is an exchange of experience as well as discussion and advice, in particular through short presentations by the students on their practical work.
Students have to deliver a written report about their work.

Internship Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Georg Wimmer is the internship coordinator and thus your contact for all matters concerning the internship.