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Introduction to British and Irish Cultures - Prüfungsnummer: 9958313

Britain and Ireland are the two English-speaking nations of Europe. Ireland is one of our EU partners, and post-Brexit Britain will continue to a key trading partner for Germany. Culturally, the European peoples are closely interlinked, and Britain and Ireland have had an immense importance for the development of the whole continent. An understanding of these countries is therefore crucial for any European professional with an international perspective.

In this course we will hone our knowledge of life in these two countries. We will learn about the political, legal and institutional structures, the religious traditions, the history, and the cultural diversity of the archipelago. The course will be taught entirely in English, and thus will provide a good opportunity for students to polish their competence in the spoken language. However, students may also contribute to discussions in German if this feels more comfortable. The exam questions will be written in English, but can be answered in either English or German.

Dozent/in: Prof. Dr. Dunphy
Stand: 12.08.2022