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3D-CAD-Construction –und Simulation with Solidworks - Prüfungsnummer 9958306


SolidWorks is a widely used CAD software that is used to create 3D parametric models. A so-called assembly can consist of sub-assemblies and parts that are linked to one another via mates. The modularization of the individual steps guarantees that previous design steps can be processed at any time. This course first gives an introduction to designing simple assemblies with Solidworks. At the end of the course, however, more complex assemblies, which consist of several sub-assemblies, should also be designed.


In the first part of the course the participants should create simple geometric models as components and be introduced to the basics of CAD design with Solidworks. Sketches, smart dimensioning, relations and simple features such as extrusion and rotation are discussed. Furthermore, assemblies should be created that consist of several components. Additional features such as drilling, rounding, chamfer are discussed. In the second part of the course, a simulation from mechanics and electromagnetics is carried out with the CAD models.


The course is intended to enable participants to create models with Solidworks and to carry out a simulation from areas of mechanics (strength calculations) and electromagnetics (magnetic and electrical fields). There is also the option of obtaining the “Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) certification” from Solidworks.



  • The course will be online (zoom).
  • Course materials are distributed in German, English, Spanish, Russian.
  • The Solidworks software (installation available for many languages) and modules are made available for installation on your own computer.
  • Sign up in addition to the regular enrollment at https://elearning.fhws.de/course/view.php?id=18387
  • The course language is English. However we might switch sometimes to German for better communication if needed.
  • The exam will be a presentation at the end of the course. The presentation can be in Englisch or German. Each participant will get a topic/task and has to make a presentation which will be either face to face or online as well. However that will be determined later depending on the pandemic situation and the FHWS policy.


In order to successfully pass the course, each participant will be given a presentation about an assembly to be created. In addition, every participant can obtain the "Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) certification" on a voluntary basis after passing an exam provided by Solidworks.

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Dozent/in: Prof. Dr. Wimmer

Stand: 17.03.2021