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Introduction to Programming in Python - Prüfungsnummer 9958305

The course gives an introduction to programming using the programming language Python. Python implements all important concepts of modern programming languages and is widely used by engineers and scientists, with rapidly growing popularity. Despite being a powerful language, it is beginner-friendly and free of cost.

The present course deals with basic concepts of procedural programming: variables, expressions, statements, functions, data types, basis data structures (lists, arrays), control structures. After completing the course successfully, the students are able to implement basic algorithms and functions, and to visualize the outputs.
The course is primarily made for students who have not worked with Python yet and who have no or little experience with programming.

The course is taught in English language. It implements the “inverted classroom” concept: the course materials (text books, videos, code examples) and exercises are studied individually as home work. The weekly presence time is reserved for answering questions and discussing the solutions of the exercises.

Dozent/in: Prof. Dr. Storath

Stand: 05.03.2021