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International Negotiations - Prüfungsnummer 9915490

90 min written exam
Recommended entry level of English: B2

Recommended entry level of English: B2
By the end of this course students will have further enhanced their spoken English skills to at least B2 level. They will also have familiarized themselves with main principles of politeness and intercultural communication as well as the linguistic means to successfully conduct international negotiations. They are able to apply various tactics such as win-win as opposed to confrontational negotiation styles, tackle the different stages of a negotiation (from small-talk to finalizing the deal), and cope with unfair strategies. They will be able to interact both with native speakers of English with various geographic and social backgrounds as well as non-native speakers from all across the globe whose language and cultural expectations may differ from their own.


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Dozent/in: Prof. Dr. Wunderlich

Stand: 05.03.2021