German Collegiate Programming Contest: Participation of two FHWS-teams

| FANG Allgemein, FANG SW, BTM, MMP

The goal is to solve as many algorithmic problems as possible within five hours.

Solving as many algorithmic problems as possible in five hours: two student teams of the University of Applied Sciences took on this quest. They participated in the German Collegiate Programming Contest. In total, 73 teams from universities and higher education institutions across Germany took part.

Conduct of the event: In the German Collegiate Programming Contest (GCPC), students teams are confronted with numerous algorithmic tasks. The aim is to solve as many algorithmic problems as possible within the five-hour time limit. The teams send their programs to a server, that automatically runs different tests and reports back to the students whether they found a solution. The earlier a team solves the task, the more points they earn. Taking several attempts to find the correct solution results in penalty minutes.

The University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt sent two teams into the competition: The team “SlimeIT, cuz SlamIT's gone wrong“ (with the students Tamer Emad, Javier Pantoja Copado and Jakob Bach) could score a very good 11th rank. The second FHWS-team “The Team“ (with the students Tejas Shastry and Balen Kther) scored 59th rank. The participating students were accompanied by Prof. Dr. Holger Walter of the study degree programme Industrial Mathematics.

The competition was won by a team of the Karlsruhe Instituts of Technology (KIT).

The best teams advance to the Northwestern Europe Regional Contest (NWERC), which will take part in autumn 2022 in the Dutch Delft (probably) in person.

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