Curriculum - course of studies

The cooperation between the two higher education institutions allows for a wider choice of subjects and individually selectable specializations.

For this, all courses of the summer semester are offered in Schweinfurt, all courses of the winter semester in Nuremberg. In addition, a number of alternative courses are offered at each of the two locations in order to enable a high degree of selection and individualisation in the degree programme. Students are free to choose from the courses offered by the two partner institutions.

The Master’s thesis is scheduled for the 3rd semester. With the Master’s thesis, the students should demonstrate their ability to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during their studies to complex tasks in an independent scientific paper.

The three-semester programme, which has the leitmotif “Research-based Learning”, offers students not only a large selection of individually selectable application-oriented lectures, but also the opportunity to carry out exciting research projects on their own responsibility.

Model curriculum for students in Schweinfurt

Studienplan FHWS
Total SWS/ETCS: 50/90 24/30 24/30 2/30
1 Selected Topics from Mathematics I 4/5
2 Selected Topics from Mathematics II 4/5
3 Selected Topics from Mathematics III 4/5
4.2 Simulation of physcial systems I 4/5
5 Simulation of physcial systems II 4/5
6 Many-body Systems and Statistical Physics 4/5
Optional Module I from Mathematics/Physics/Technology
7 Elective Module from Technology I 4/5
Projects/Module (3)
8 Project I 8/10
9 Project II 4/5
10 Project III or Elective Module from Technology II 4/5
11 General Elective Module 4/5
12 Master’s thesis
12.1 Master’s thesis 0/28
12.2 Master’s seminar (8) 2/2

Modules 8 to 11 may be taken either at Nuremberg Tech or at FHWS.

Modules 3, 5, 6 are taught at Nuremberg Tech.