Job prospects

Graduates have very good job prospects. There are jobs for (industrial) mathematicians in many areas: Examples are the automotive and aviation industry, robotics, logistics, tool making or mechanical engineering, but also quality management and quality control, and data processing. There are also interesting career opportunities for industrial mathematicians in the environmental sector, the chemical industry, meteorology, medicine or biology.

The spectrum of tasks ranges from statistical evaluation of large amounts of data, statistical design of experiments, development and maintenance of technical databases, maximisation of transport flows to cooperation in mathematically particularly demanding projects such as the calculation of flows or the optimisation of (robot) paths.

Mathematicians are employed not only because of their specific expertise, but also because they are able to tackle complex problems in a structured and formal manner in a short time. This also opens up fields of activity outside core activities of mathematics, e.g. in planning or consulting. 

Please follow the link for experience reports by some of our graduates.

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