The Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences and Humanities ...

... is represented at both locations of FHWS. It provides training in the basic mathematical and scientific subjects in all degree programmes. In addition, there are data processing and foreign languages as well as journalism and media history in the degree programme Media Management.

The Bachelor's programmes in Specialised Translation and Industrial Mathematics and the Master's programmes Specialized Translation with Media Translation, and Trade Journalism and Corporate Commuications are offered by the Faculty of Applied Natural Sciencees and Humanities (FANG).

Moreover, the Faculty is responsible for general elective modules. In addition to the areas already mentioned, the Faculty also offers additional foreign languages, history and social sciences, religion, psychology, economics, law, and art.

The Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences and Humanities maintains a number of laboratories to carry out these tasks and to pepare seminar papers and final theses (in consultation with the responsible degree programmes).

Additional information is provided by the FHWS Study Guide, which is published in German every semester.